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Women and Wine - Blokes and Beer 

6 week beginner squash program 

Starting first week of August 2020

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Squash is gender-neutral sport and is accessible to all ages, colours and beliefs. Everyone can play….all you need is a racquet and ball, and to rent a squash court. You can get started instantly, as long as you can hit the ball with the racquet in the direction of the front wall.

Squash has a learning curve that rewards as equally as it challenges. Squash is a sport that is easy to play, but where achieving greatness must be the result of hours of training on fitness and technique. It is enthralling, exciting, absorbing, rewarding.

Squash is the "World's Healthiest Sport" (Forbes Magazine)

Access to squash in the Waikato is easy!  We have a strong network of friendly clubs.  Why not give them a call and have a go!  Check out our clubs page for a club near you, or contact us for more information

Once you get the 'squash bug' you will soon discover the wonderful world of squash in the Waikato.  Friendly people, warm hospitality, fun events and serious competition!  You will be hooked for life no matter what your ability.

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