Waikato Secondary Schools 2017 Individual Results

WSS individualsThe Waikato Secondary School Individuals was held on the 21st of June at Hamilton Squash & Tennis Club, Hamilton Old Boys and Te Rapa Squash Club. The format was a little different this year with the boys and girls on the same day. We had over 80 entries and therefore had to spread out over 3 squash clubs. A huge thank you to the those clubs for allowing the use of your courts for the day. Also big thanks to Lyrae Wood for her tireless effort on completing all the draws and for all the changes that she constantly had to make due to injuries/sickness. Also a big thank you to Glenda Knox (Squash Waikato), Zoe Toombs (Squash Waikato Manager) and to the volunteers on the day; Mary Helm (Te Rapa), Kay Newman (Hamilton Old Boys), Nikki Carson, Jordan Herewini & Emma Millar for volunteering to help us out with TC. You guys were amazing and the day couldn’t have run without you!

Girls Results

In the girls top division a couple last minute pull outs meant a total change of the draw to create a 6 draw. Top seed Anika Jackson (HGHS) was looking to defend her title once again, making it a triple. Narrowly pushed by 3rd seed Holly Keen-O’Leary (Sacred Heart) who managed to take the 3rd set long, Jackson again proved to be in a league of her own and won all her matches comfortably in 3. Keen-O’Leary went one up on her seeding to again finish runner up for 2017, her last year at Secondary Schools. 4th seed Leah Hodges (HGHS) took out the plate on the other side of the draw, winning past 5th and 6th seeds in 4 sets.

Division 2 managed to run pretty straight forward as the top 4 seeds made it to the semis. Top seed Stacey Willison (Matamata College) beat fellow team/club and school mate Aimee Burnell (Matamata College) to make her way into the final. The bottom half of the draw saw 2nd seed Ashton McDonald (Waikato Dio) take on 3rd seed Shanelle Morgan (Hillcrest High). Ashton experience was too much for Shanelle, with Ashton taking the win. Willison continued her winning streak and beat McDonald in 3. Special mention to Jenna Foot (Waikato Dio) causing the only upset pf the draw, finishing one up on her seeding.   

Unfortunately for Division 3 the top seed had to withdraw due to injury which opened it up for everyone else. The top 3 seeds all made it through to the semis. 2nd seed Brooke Koppens (Morrinsville College) had an epic battle with 3rd seed Jessica Tod (St Pauls) beating her in 5 to make the final for the second year in a row. 4th seed Tyler Steer (St Pauls) got past bottom seed in 4 sets to set up a final against Koppens. Steer managed to overcome Koppens and take out division 3, well done!

In Division 4 2nd seed Megan Keeley (Te Kauwhata) was out to defend her title from the previous year, however her sister Emma Keeley (Te Kauwhata) was hoping to snatch it from her. With a round robin draw it came down to the last round to determine who was going to take it out. Megan came through the draw unbeaten, with Emma finishing 2nd place. A special mention to Lynelle Goodwin (HGHS) for finishing 3rd.    

Boys Results

In the top Division, top seed Lwamba Chileshe (St Pauls) was looking to take back the title that he missed out on in 2016, especially being his last year at school. In the semi-finals Chileshe overcame 4th seed Logan Webber (Matamata) in 4. The definite match of the day, which was a real crowd pleaser, was the other semi-final in this division between 2nd seed Angus MacDonald (HBHS) and 3rd seed Sean Dykes (St Pauls).   Dykes was looking on form and in control as he took a 2-1 lead over MacDonald, however MacDonald wasn’t going to give up easy settling the score 2 all. The last set went point for point until MacDonald managed to force Dykes into some errors, taking the final set 11-8. It was clear MacDonald had put a lot into his semi-final match and unfortunately wasn’t able to clinch a set off Chileshe in the final. Special mention to Rory McKinnon (HBHS) who finished one up on his seeding, finishing 6th

Division 2 saw an upset in the semi-finals from up and comer 4th seed Jack Collins (St Pauls) taking out top seed Sam Kelly (St Johns) in 4. Collins has been moving up the ranks quickly and definitely one to watch. In the other semi-final 2nd seed Dion Morgan (Hillcrest) got past 3rd seed Braedyn Henderson (Matamata) in 4. Morgan proved his fitness and shot making were too strong for Collins in the final, taking the win in 3.

In Division 3 it was underdog and 4th seed Guy Lansdown (HBHS) who would be causing upsets, taking out top seed Matt Reynolds (Matamata) in 3 in the semi-finals. The bottom half saw an upset in the first round with 6th seed Harry Forte (St Johns) taking out 3rd seed Josh Adamson (Matamata) in 5. Forte couldn’t manage another upset with 2nd seed Keaton McKenzie (Cambridge) proving too strong taking the win in 3. Lansdown continued his winning streak and overcame McKenzie in 3 to take out Division 3.

Top seed of Division 4, Lachlan McRobie (Hillcrest High) had his work cut out for him being pushed to 5 in the first round by 8th seed Pat Jirapanyayut (St Pauls). A big upset was 7th seed Lachlan Cowley (St Pauls) taking out 2nd seed Sam Vercoe (Morrinsville) 3/2 in the first round. McRobie then played 4th seed Jack Reynolds (Matamata College) pushing past Reynolds in 4 to set up a final with school mate and 3rd seed Michael Lanting (Hillcrest). Cowley had another epic 5 set battle with Lanting, unfortunately going down 3/2. This division seem to love there 5 setters with the final between McRobie and Lanting heading to 5, McRobie eventually taking the win. 

In Division 5 there were many first round upsets, with only top seed Raymond Chen (St Pauls) making it through to the semi-final. He took on 5th seed Daniel Willison (Matamata College) overcoming Willison and taking the win in 3. In the other semi, it was 6th seed Kyle Smith (Hillcrest) causing havoc, having beaten the 3rd seed in the first round Smith then beat 7th seed Liam Jamieson (St Johns) who had taken out the 2nd seed. Smith was unable to make it 3/3 upsets with Chen being too strong and taking the win. Special mention to Liam Jamieson (St Johns) for finishing 3rd and 4 places ahead of his seeding.

Division 6 proved to be a very close division with some awesome matches. In the semi-finals top seed Tom Roach (St Johns) was pushed by 4th seed Tyler Scholefield (Matamata College) taking the win in 4. In the other semi-final it was an epic battle between 2nd seed Liam Coombes (HBHS) and 6th seed Ben Allison (Morrinsville College) who had already overcome the 3rd seed in 4. Unfortunately Allison couldn’t keep his winning streak going with Roach taking the win in 4. Well done to Tyler Scholefield for finishing 3rd place, one up on his seeding,

Unfortunately for Division 7 there were last minute pull outs which meant the boys would only have 2 matches each. They all took it in good spirit, we thank you for that. Bottom seed Joseph Dean (St Pauls) won both his matches to win the division, however he was pushed by 2nd seed and runner up Matthew Roach (St Johns) winning in 5.

Full Results:

Girls Division 1 Boys Division 1
Winner:                                Anika Jackson (Hamilton Girls High) Winner:                                Lwamba Chileshe (St Pauls Collegiate)
Runner Up:                         Holly Keen-O’Leary (Sacred Heart) Runner Up:                         Angus MacDonald (HBHS)
Plate:                                    Leah Hodges (Hamilton Girls High) Special Plate:                     Sean Dykes (St Pauls Collegiate)
Plate:                                    Sam Wilson (St Pauls Collegiate)
Consolation Plate:            Sam Anderson (PioPio College)
Girls Division 2 Boys Division 2
Winner:                                Stacey Willison (Matamata College) Winner:                                Dion Morgan (Hillcrest High)
Runner Up:                         Ashton McDonald (Waikato Dio) Runner Up:                         Jack Collins (St Pauls Collegiate)
Special Plate:                     Shanelle Morgan (Hillcrest High) Special Plate:                     Sam Kelly (St Johns College)
Plate:                                    Nicola Boyd (Cambridge High) Plate:                                    Brandon Horn (Te Awamutu)
Consolation Plate:           Jenna Foot (Waikato Dio) Consolation Plate:            Brendan Hunt (St Pauls Collegiate)
Girls Division 3 Boys Division 3
Winner:                                Tyler Steer (St Pauls) Winner:                                Guy Lansdown (HBHS)
Runner Up:                         Brooke Koppens (Morrinsville College) Runner Up:                         Keaton McKenzie (Cambridge High)
Special Plate:                     Jessica Tod (St Pauls) Special Plate:                     Matt Reynolds (Matamata College)
Plate:                                    Anna Gallaher (HGHS) Plate:                                    Quinn Robcke (Thames High)
Consolation Plate:            Hannah Cowley (Waikato Dio) Consolation Plate:            Ben Clow (Matamata College)
Girls Division 4 Boys Division 4
Winner:                                Megan Keeley (Te Kauwhata) Winner:                                Lachlan McRobie (Hillcrest High)
Runner Up:                         Emma Keeley (Te Kauwhata) Runner Up:                         Michael Lanting (Hillcrest High)
3rd Place:                              Lynelle Goodwin (HGHS) Special Plate:                     Lachlan Cowley  (St Pauls Collegiate)
Plate:                                  Sam Vercoe (Morrinsville College)
Consolation Plate:               Luca Carter (St Johns)
Boys Division 5
Winner:                                Raymond Chen (St Pauls Collegiate)
Runner Up:                         Kyle Smith (Hillcrest High)
Special Plate:                     Liam Jamieson (St Johns)
Plate:                                   Quinn Hart (Morrinsville College)
Consolation Plate:                 Harry Forte (St Johns)
Boys Division 6
Winner:                                Tom Roach (St Johns)
Runner Up:                         Ben Allison (Morrinsville College)
Special Plate:                      Tyler Scholefield (Matamata College)
Plate:                                   Brad Seager (HBHS)
Consolation Plate:                Oscar Johns (St Pauls Collegiate)
Boys Division 7 (Round Robin)
Winner:                                Joseph Dean (St Pauls Collegiate)
Runner Up:                           Matthew Roach (St Johns)

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