Great Time had at the 2017 Waipa Big Nix Interschools Squash Tournament

14 Nov 2017

The Waipa Big Nix Interschools Squash Tournament, held in Te Awamutu on the 26th October, was a big hit with all who were involved. Cambridge Middle School claimied victory as the 2017 Big Nix Squash Champions and took the trophy off the previous title holder, TA Intermediate who were only a mere point behind. 32 Intermediate kids had been selected to represent their school at this annual event which followed on from the Primary School Division held at Cambridge Racquets Club, the month earlier, which also had a 32 draw.

In the Primary Division, Leamington Primary School were proud to go home as the 2017 Squash Champions and could show everyone their magnificent trophy as proof!  Both trophies were kindly donated by Racheal Bell from Te Awamutu Squash Club.   

In the Individual Intermediate Event, Harry Sothcombe (St Patricks) was the overall gold medallist after beating Adam Bigham (TAI) in the final.  In the Primary Division Tyler Lee (Leamington) earnt the Championship Title with James Seath (Cambridge East) claiming the silver.  The winners won a racquet each to allow them to continue on playing and developing their talent.  TA College have also been learning squash at school and released 2 students who were part of the Kiwi Sport Leadership programme to help run the event. (Refer below for full results).

This was the first year the Intermediate Schools could compete in their own division which allowed twice as many kids to have the ‘real squash experience’, playing full games for a day and practising what they had learnt.  Squash Waikato Development Officer, Glenda Knox said, “it was just magic seeing all the kids having fun, enjoying squash, knowing all of them were new to the sport.  There have been many who have worked hard to give these kids this opportunity, so seeing them loving it is very rewarding for all of us involved”.  Knox has supported clubs and schools to link up relying on club members, teachers and parents to make these opportunities possible, along with other organisations who have partnered with Squash Waikato such as Sport Waikato’s Project Energise, Waikato Institute of Leisure and Sport (Wilss), Squash NZ and local sponsors and volunteers.  Knox reiterates how thankful they are for Kiwi Sport Funding and said, “without it kids would not have had the chance to ‘try it, play it or love it’.  Trying new things develops more than skills, it develops confidence”, she said. 

Kiwi Sport funding, together with Squash Waikato’s own contribution has allowed 3800 kids throughout the Waikato to experience Kiwi Squash for 8 weeks at a school or a club just this year.  Squash Waikato have trained and supported all teachers resulting in 75% of their Kiwi Squash programmes being continued on independently.  “This is wonderful as we offer a world class fundamental skills programme for teachers to deliver to kids aged 5 – 8 at school, which prepares them well for any sport they choose to pursue, not just squash.   These sort of stats make my job a pleasure and the time and effort all worthwhile”, says Knox.

The clubs always offer a chance for students to continue to play and receive coaching.  At present a child can join a Waipa Club til March next year with Mum or Dad for just $100.  This gives them a chance to have a hit and build confidence before Term 2 when the season starts next year.  There are also Adult Squash Start courses on offer so Mum and/or Dad can learn to play too. It’s a great family sport with 24 hour access to the club. For any information on how to join squash contact Development Officer Glenda Knox 027 475 7516.



Wayne Peterson from Cambridge Racquets Club, Rachael Bell and Craig MacDonald from Te Awamutu Squash Club and Stephen Orange from Leamington Squash Club have all put in a tremendous amount of effort into supporting the 8 Waipa schools.  Also a special mention to Kay Newman, the Waikato Schools Coach who has worked with every one of these kids and teachers, not just in the Waipa but in the wider Waikato region 4-5 days a week.  Nicki Blake from Wilss has linked in the Kiwi Sport Leaders while Squash Waikato have worked with TA College which has been valued.  All the school principals and kiwi squash reps have been outstanding to ensure these programmes are available to the kids and sustainable allowing progression.  Project Energise, Anton, Claire and Garth have been of great support to this project also. Squash NZ’s resources have been world class and make it easy for us all to roll out but none of it could happen without Kiwi Sport Funding – THANK YOU!

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