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2019 National Super Champs Draws 

Mens and Womens F-J Grade 

Waikato representative teams:

Mens - Hamilton Squash and Tennis Club (#5 Seed) and Lugton Park Squash Club (#3 Seed)

Womens - Mercury Bay Squash Club (#4 Seed) and Lugton Park Squash Club (#6 Seed)


Womens F-j Grade


Mens F-j Grade

Mens and Womens E Grade 

Waikato representative teams:

Mens - Lugton Park Squash Club (#3 Seed)

Womens - Lugton Park Squash Club (#5 Seed)


 Mens E Grade

Mens and Womens D Grade 

Waikato representative teams:

Mens - Matamata Squash Club (#6 Seed)

Womens - Lugton Park Squash Club (#2 Seed)


 Mens - Womens D Grade


Mens C Grade (no C grade womens team this year)

Waikato representative teams:

Mens - Thames Squash Club (#9 Seed)


 Mens - Womens C Grade


Mens and Womens B Grade

Waikato representative teams:

Mens - Te Rapa Squash Club (#6 Seed)

Womens - Lugton Park Squash Club (#3 Seed)


Mens - Womens B Grade






Waikato Graded Champs


Waikato Graded Champs 2019-jpeg


Waikato Graded Champs-info jpeg



This event provides an opportunity for every player, regardless of grade, to compete to be a national champion!

At the Waikato District Super Champs Eliminations clubs in the district compete to find the district champion in each grade. The district champion is then eligible to travel to the National Super Champs finals to compete for the national title. 




District Rules



District Graded Teams Eliminations

will be held on the week of 25th – 28th July 2019


Competition Detail  


The District and National Super Champs events are played to identify the strongest club in the country for each grade. Teams are composed of five players (plus up to 2 reserves) per club that are in the same grade (B, C, D, E and F/J for both men and women). 


At the District Super Champs Eliminations clubs in a single district play off to find the district champion in each grade. The district champion is then eligible to travel to the National Super Champs finals to play off for the national title. Teams contest ties in round-robin and/or knockout format, with the team that wins three or more matches declared the winner.


Venue Allocation


If your club wishes to be considered as a host venue, please indicate your preferredgrade(s)/gender(s) in an email to Squash Waikato by 3rd July, including the name of theTournament Controller and must include his/her contact details. Squash Waikato will endeavour tofill venues to provide a better atmosphere, rather than spread the grades around. This may mean some clubs will miss out. But it will provide a better experience for players and make it more worthwhile for hosts.

Host clubs will be decided by the Squash Waikato Board and advised ASAP after entriesclose.

Host club requirements will be sent out to host clubs.




  • Entries Open Monday 17th June
  • Entries close on Wednesday 3rd July 5.00pm. No late entries will be accepted. Teams are to be entered in iSquash by a club committee member. A team list including full contact details of the team manager/captain (email address, contact number) also needs to be emailed to manager@squashwaikato.co.nz
  • Teams consist of five players and two reserves of the appropriate grading.
  • A club may enter two teams, however the highest graded player in the second team must be below that of the lowest graded player in the top team for that grade. Squash Waikato reserve the right to accept or decline second team nominations.
  • Clubs will be invoiced for the entry fee. This must be paid immediately, or teams will be not be

included in the draw. Entry Fee $130.00 per team and is non-refundable.

  • Final team entry lists received by Squash Waikato will be published in iSquash on the 4th July
  • Any protest against team or player eligibility must be lodged in writing by the team manager to Squash Waikato no later than 5pm 6th July.
  • Any protest will be considered by Squash Waikato and ruled on accordingly but only after allowing the protested team a chance to defend their order. Squash Waikato may seek wider council on protests and other issues that arise to enable a decision to be reached.

  NO appeal can be lodged against the Squash Waikato’s decision.


Player Eligibility


  • Players must be full financial members of the club they are representing, unless they have

approval to be part of a composite team (see below).

  • The players must be on the 14th June 2019 grading list for the club they intend to play for. This is a Squash New Zealand requirement for Superchamps Nationals and there are NO EXCEPTIONS. This is the responsibility of the clubs to process NO further correspondence will be entered into should the deadline be missed.
  • Squash Waikato reserves the right to alter grade eligibility and seedings should there be evidence of withholding or manipulating results. Squash Waikato reserve the right to request evidence of player eligibility if there is a suspicion of team ‘stacking’.  Only results from club tournaments, district events or sanctioned club grading events will be considered for grading purposes. Where there is evidence of individual results being entered to manipulate the grading list those results will be deleted. This includes players deliberately losing games to achieve a certain grade.


Competition Format


  • The District Graded Teams Event are to be played as a pool system, or due to numbers a round

robin format.

  • Squash Waikato will seed the teams according to the sum of the top 5 players grading points taken from the 14th June grading list.
  • The number of pools shall be at the discretion of Squash Waikato.
  • Draws and Teams will be published on the website once all team details have been collated.


Playing Rules


  • Playing Order will be taken from the 14th June grading List. A copy of this will be emailed to all Tournament Controllers and Team Managers.
  • Final playing order will be checked against the 19th July grading list to make sure all teams meet the requirements that a player cannot play above a player of a higher grading (e.g. C2 cannot play above C1).  Within each half grade players may be submitted in order of playing strength to a maximum of 100 points difference (e.g. an B2 with 1950 points may play above an B2 with 2000 points - 50 points difference between the players, however they may not play ahead of someone with 2100 points as there is more than 100 points difference).
  • Note: F/J must play in points order (as per 19th July)
  • Any changes to the originally submitted team must be received by 5pm 15th July.
  • Any minor late changes to teams can be made at the Managers Meeting. Replacement players

not on the original team list must be of the same grade e.g. B1 or lower replaces a B1, B2 or lower replaces B2, and agreed to at the Managers meeting.

  • A protest against a final team playing order may be lodged at the manager’s meeting. If an agreement cannot be reached Squash Waikato committee will be contacted for a ruling and this decision is final. If play commences before a dispute is sorted Squash Waikato will not look into any correspondence in regard to this issue. (After the fact it is too late)
  • The Squash Waikato Disputes Committee shall consist of General Manager Bruce Morgan and Two Squash Waikato Board Members.  This committee determines a decision should the club disputes committee be unable to. Squash Waikato may seek wider council on protests and other issues that arise to enable a decision to be reached.  Bruce Morgan should be contacted in the first instance. 0274 863 021
  • NZ Rules & Regulations are to be used as a guide for District Superchamps Eliminations. The

Squash NZ Rules & Regulations apply for National Superchamps. They can be found on the Squash NZ website.




  • For grades C-F/J each individual match (both in District Eliminations and National Finals) shall be the best of five games with PAR to 15 (must win by 2). For B Grade each individual match (both in District Eliminations and National Finals) shall be the best of five games with PAR to 11 (must win by 2).
  • Each tie shall consist of five matches and the team winning the most matches shall win the tie.
  • One competition point will be allocated for each tie won.
  • The team winning the most competition points shall win the round.
  • When teams play one another in a Pool, the final order of merit in that Pool is decided based on all results in that Pool, as follows:

-          First by greater number of Ties won;

-          If two teams are still equal, then by the result between those two teams.

-          If three or more teams have won the same number of Ties, then by the greater number of matches won in ties between those three teams;

-          If two teams are still equal, then by the result between those two teams.

-          If three or more teams still equal, then by greater positive difference between games won

and lost in ties between those three teams;

-          If two teams are still equal, then by the result between those two teams.

-          If three or more teams still equal, then by greater positive difference between points won

and lost in ties between those three teams;

-          If two teams still equal, then by the result between those two teams.

-          If more than two teams are still equal, then by drawing of lots


Refereeing and Marking


Members of all teams must mark or referee matches, as instructed by the Host Club at all times.

  • This shall not include matches where their own team is involved unless the situation warrants

otherwise, and decided by the Host Club.

  • Supporters of teams may not referee games on behalf of team members.
  • Members of the two teams involved in the District Graded Teams Event Finals may be relieved

of the obligation to mark and referee while their final is in progress.

  • It is strongly recommended that the Host Club should provide independent, competent referees for the finals where practicable.


Submission of Teams


  • The teams for the first round must be placed in a sealed envelope in playing order and handed to the Host Club Tournament Director half an hour prior to commencement of play. Each evening, teams for the following day’s matches to be played must be placed in a sealed envelope and handed to the Tournament Director within half an hour of the finish of play in the previous round.
  • This also applies to any team that has a bye in any round of the competition.


Replacements and Defaults


  • At any time after the submission of teams and prior to commencement of play in any one tie of

the competition, a player may be replaced by another nominated team member at the discretion of the disputes committee.

  • All five named players should be present at the start of the tie. If a player is missing, they will be deemed to have defaulted and default rules apply.
  • Once the first match of any tie has commenced, replacements for that tie are not permitted.
  • Where a team for any reason defaults a match in any tie, and a replacement is not available or

not allowed, the default must apply at No. 5 position in the team, with all the players moving up one position to fill 1-4 as required.


Composite Teams


  • Squash Waikato would like to see a greater participation of teams at the district superchamps and are well aware for a majority of the smaller clubs this is simply not possible with the number of players they may have at a particular grade.
  • Smaller clubs will have the ability to utilise players from their neighbouring clubs as per the clubs map to allow the composition of graded teams.
  • The Club with the majority of players is deemed the club submitting the team and hence the players must transfer to that clubs grading list by 13th June solely for the purpose of superchamps.
  • Clubs must still comply with the guidelines and procedures outlined below and that fair play for all clubs is taken into account where clubs wish to transfer players to enter a graded team.




Only players who are full financial members for your club, and appear on your grading list on

14th June are eligible to represent your club at Superchamps. If you do not have enough players

in your club in a certain grade to enter a team, you can apply to enter a ‘composite team’. Players will only be allowed to transfer if there is NO possibility that their own club is not

entering a team.


Clubs must prove to Squash Waikato that they don’t have the player numbers in a particular grade to enable a team from their original grading list.

If a club has 7 or more eligible players on their grading list, they may be deemed to have enough and therefore, denied composite status. This may include players at a lower grade. (i.e. B Grade B1 and B2)




ALL clubs wishing to transfer players to their grading list for the purpose of Superchamps District Eliminations must apply in writing to the Squash Waikato Board for consideration.

Please supply the reason for player transfer request and provide supporting information (i.e. reason why their own club cannot form a team) including FULL team list.


Any player wishing to transfer to another club within 21 days of the grading list cut off (after 24th May 2019 and before 13th June) must seek permission from their current club.  The player’s home club must email Squash Waikato prior to 11th June 5pm supporting the player’s request prior to the statistician processing the transfer request.


Composite teams need to be submitted to Squash Waikato for approval by 5th June.

Squash Waikato reserves the right to contact personnel of clubs involved for further information.


The Squash Waikato Board will support the formation of composite teams as long as they follow the correct procedure but if its deemed that this is not the case, Squash Waikato will give its decision as soon as possible after the deadline and advise accordingly so clubs can action the player transfer in the appropriate manner by 13th June.


An example of the composite model:


e.g. Taumarunui might only have 4 players able to play and Aria and Te Kuiti do not have enough to put in a team. They can then apply for dispensation for the 2 Te Kuiti Players and the 1 Aria player to play for Taumarunui.


However, if Taumarunui has 7 players that are willing, but they just want stronger people from the other clubs this would not be allowed.

So, clubs must undertake the due diligence to make sure a club isn’t leaving anyone out that normally represents their club


National Superchamps Finals


Should your team make it to the National Superchamps Finals, Squash Waikato will cover team entry fee. All other costs are up to the teams to fundraise for. Only teams that will be playing at the Nationals need to sit the Rules and Refereeing Exam.


Dates: Wednesday 25th  September – Saturday 28th September




  • B Grade Whakatane                              Bay of Plenty
  • C Grade Squash City Invercargill         Eastern
  • D Grade Whangarei                               Northland
  • E Grade Tawa                                         Wellington
  • F/j Grade Hamilton                                Waikato


Summary of Important Dates 2019


  • 24 May  Last Day to transfer without club permission
  • 5 June    Deadline for Composite Team applications
  • 13 June  Deadline for grade changes or additions
  • 14 June  Grading List Cut-off (eligibility date)
  • 17 June  Entries Open
  • 3 July      5.00pm  Entries Close/Deadline for Venue Requests
  • 16 July    Draws Published
  • 19 July    Grading List check for Final Playing Order
  • 25-28      July Superchamps District Eliminations
  • 25-28      September Superchamps Nationals




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