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Waikato Interclub Poster 2019

Waikato Interclub Dates 2019

Winter Interclub

16-week competition that starts on 2/3 April.  8 team divisions (where possible) 

2 x round robins followed by a semi & final    

NO ROUND 23/24 April as Easter/Anzac Week


Men’s Starts: April 2

Men’s Finals: July 23

Women’s Starts: April 3

Women’s Finals: July 24

Spring Interclub

11-week competition that starts on 13/14 August. 6 team divisions (where possible) 

2 x round robins followed by straight final

NO ROUND 24/25 September as National Super-champs Week


Men’s Starts: August 13

Men’s Finals: October 29

Women’s Starts: August 14

Women’s Finals: October 30


Interclub Rules 2019 


Round robins are played against each club in your respective division.

Winter interclub semi-final and final following the round robin.

Spring interclub a straight final following the round robin, The top two teams at the end of the round robin will contest the final. In the case of a tie, the team that won the tie(s) between the two teams progresses. If they shared those ties, a countback over those two ties will decide the finalist.

Draws will be loaded in iSquash.


Men’s Interclub – Tuesday night

Women’s Interclub – Wednesday night

Play starts at 7.00pm, unless otherwise arranged.



All players MUST be on the NZ grading list before they can play in the Interclub competition.  Please see your club statistician if you are not on the grading list.

All Divisions:      4 players per team (plus reserves)

Junior Players

Interclub is an adult competition for players 16 years or older, all Junior players 16 years or older regardless of grade are welcome to play interclub.

Juniors between 14 and 16 years  regardless of grade may play in this senior competition but must apply in writing to Squash Waikato before the start of competition.

Juniors under 14 years are prohibited from playing senior interclub

Note: Players aged 13 in 2019 and that played Senior interclub in 2018 can apply in writing for dispensation to play interclub in 2019. This will only apply for the 2019 season.


DISPENSATIONS must be obtained prior to submitting the team list for the competition or at least 24hrs before they play.  Junior players that have been granted dispensation and then found to be “playing and leaving” will have their dispensation revoked.

Juniors Players are required to participate with the team. They must mark or referee a match and are encouraged to stay and socialize at supper and contribute to the team environment.


Women Playing Men’s Interclub

Women graded B1 and above may be included in a men’s team

Women graded B2 and below must apply to Squash Waikato to be included in a men’s team.  This will be allowed if an acceptable solution to play in a women’s team is not viable.



Every game won = 1 point. E.g. Game score = 3/1.  Winner = 3 points, loser = 1 point

Teams receive 4 extra points for the team win

Matches: PAR to 15. Play to 15, win by 2 clear points (play continues until there is a clear 2-point win).

Division 1: Teams can play PAR to 11 but all teams must agree before the competition commences



Double yellow dot for B Grade, single yellow dot for C Grade and below. If a B grader plays a C grader or below, the higher graded player chooses the ball.  New Balls to be supplied by Host Team.



All interclub players are encouraged to complete the Club Referee exam on the Squash NZ website. This

exam can be found at

To encourage players to get this done, there will be a bonus 2 competition points for teams who have had

at least 4 players qualify by 1st July (Winter only).

The qualification is valid for 2 years.

If you are unsure if you are already qualified your club statistician should be able to confirm or contact




As a sign of good sportsmanship ALL rounds should be played, please be respectful of each club and aware of the travel situation some clubs are faced with, i.e. If your team has a couple of long-distance travels for interclub then there will be teams in your division that have many long travel nights for their away games.

If in some extreme circumstance a default is unavoidable, please contact the Squash Waikato manager


In the case of a default the opposition team receives full points for the defaulted match and MUST enter this result on iSquash so that the points table can be updated. The grading list is not affected.

In iSquash: Please enter these results at 15/0 15/0 15/0 and select ‘not played’.



  • Substitutions may be a club member from a lower or same division team. (i.e. where two teams from the same club are in in the same division, although if they play in a particular team three times or more, they are then deemed to be in that team permanently)
  • Substitutions can be a “graded” player from any club who has fewer points than the Registered and 4th player.
  • Players may only play in a division above their registered division twice. Players who substitute in a higher division three times or more may not continue playing in a division below that.
  • Other substitutions are allowed but must be approved by Squash Waikato before the player can play.
  • Reasonable give and take is expected in this area. If there is a problem with a substitute player, attempt to solve the issue PRIOR to starting play rather than protesting afterwards. Usually, if substitute is a fair match to their opponent then the tie should proceed.
  • Substitutes can be added to the team using the ‘search for player’ box in iSquash
  • Finals / Semi-Finals – All players must have played at least 3 rounds for the team to be eligible for all finals.                      

PLEASE NOTE: Each team can only have up to 9 named players throughout the competition.



The winning team is responsible for entering the results into iSquash.  Squash Waikato are happy to help guide captains with this process. 



Order of play must be in accordance with the up to date NZ National Grading List on the date of play.

The order shall be such that a player cannot play above another player graded higher (e.g. B2 cannot play above B1)

Within each half grade players may be submitted in order of playing strength to a maximum of 150 points difference (e.g. an C2 with 2100 points may play above an C2 with 2200 points, 100 points difference between the players, however they may not play ahead of someone with 2250 points as there is more than 150 points difference).

As this is a new rule it is up to team captains on the night of play to check the Squash NZ grading list and insure the team playing order is correct.



Please consider your draw carefully.  If you have long travel distances, please plan ahead.  You can make arrangements with the other club to meet halfway if you prefer.  Or perhaps play during a weekend.

If Squash Waikato notes that specific teams are defaulting to teams because of travel distances, they will be warned of the rules of fair and equal play. If defaults continue Squash Waikato will contact the club concerned and request it be dealt with by the club committee.



First and foremost, all teams must try and find a solution to any dispute at the time the match occurs. If you need a rule clarified before a match commences please contact Squash Waikato. If a dispute arises following a match this should be forwarded to the Squash Waikato office for resolution.



All home teams are to supply supper. Please be respectful of your team and opposition, it is an expectation that all players stay for supper.



Weekly results MUST be up on iSquash before the start of the next weeks round. This is the responsibility of the winning team captain, results not put through before the next round will be automatically put through as a default win to the opposition team.

When a tie has been defaulted a result MUST be recorded so that the points table is updated

Make sure at least one team member is available to open up the host squash club and have meet all requirements for play to commence at 7pm

Check the team playing order via isquash before the tie commences, as matches played in the incorrect order will automatically be a default win to the opposition.


Squash Waikato Interclub Contact Details


Squash Waikato Office – Bruce Morgan

Mobile – 027 486 3021

PO Box 9270, Hamilton 3240

Email –


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